Marching Band

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The Indian Marching Band and Pageantry Corps is the largest and most visible performing ensemble on campus. The ensemble is comprised of student musicians on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments as well as student dance and pageantry performers in the Color Guard. No audition is necessary to join the marching band, but placement auditions will be given in order to ensure the right students fit the right parts and that all spots are filled. We encourage all who wish to join the band have at least two years experience on one instrument.

The ensemble (or portions thereof) performs throughout the year at school events and functions, representing Fullerton Union High School proudly in the local community and across the county. Each year the band performs their competitive field show at numerous field tournaments and home football games. The band marches in parades each year for the Fullerton Days Parade and at Disneyland.

Concert Band

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In the late fall after the competitive field season is over, Marching Band moves from the field to the rehearsal room and becomes Concert Band. At this time, some students shift to different instruments to fit the traditional wind band roster. Instruments still include those of the woodwind, brass, and percussion family, but students may play varying instruments within the spectrum that are not appropriate for a marching band setting.

The Concert Band is the core ensemble of the instrumental music department and it provides the opportunity for increased musical development and a higher level of performance literature. The Concert Band performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts as well as at festivals throughout the spring. The final performance for the group is the graduation commencement ceremony at the end of the year.

Jazz Ensemble

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The Jazz Ensemble is the premier instrumental performance ensemble on campus. This group is traditionally made up of upperclassmen. Comprised of saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and a rhythm section (guitar, bass, piano and drums), the ensemble studies the rich heritage of jazz music and works to perform music that is fun as well as challenging. Anything from jazz standards of swing, big band, bop, latin tunes, and newer arrangements of modern groups, this band does it all. The class is centered around learning the basics of improvisation and soloing techniques to create music that is quintecentially jazz. Audition required.

The Jazz Ensemble performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as at various local jazz festivals in the Spring. The group performs annually in local events such as the Fullerton Winter Market, openings of various businesses, as part of the Friends of Jazz scholarship event held in Fullerton as well as on the stages of Disneyland.

Winter Drumline

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In late November, the audition process for our competitive Winter Drum Line begins. Students who played one instrument in the fall (percussion or not) may now audition to be placed on another percussion instrument or learn a an entirely new percussion instrument. The competitive winter drumline activity is the chance for an entire ensemble made of percussion instruments to perform a show with custom music and drill at local competitions. Auditions required.

Color Guard and Winter Guard

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The Color Guard is an integral component of the Marching Band in fall and performs at each and every venue with the band. It is comprised of students who perform pageantry-based dance and aerobic choreography and drill alongside the band to enhance the overall impact of the show. Just as soloists and featured in the band, soloists are also featured in the Color Guard. No experience necessary, though it is highly encouraged to enroll in and take Dance 1 and Dance 2 in conjunction with your enrollment in Marching Band/P.E.

In the winter, students will either revert to their performance instrument (if applicable) and join Concert Band, or continue on with our Winter Guard program. Much like Winter Drumline, it meets for regular after school practices where students work to put together a show routine put to music. The group performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as at competitions across the county in the Spring. Audition is required.

Various Small Ensembles and Solo Opportunities

SPRING MUSICAL PIT ORCHESTRA Each year, the four performing arts disciplines (theatre, dance, vocal and instrumental music) collaborate as part of the Academy of the Arts to develop and produce a major Spring production of a musical on campus. Talented instrumental musicians are selected and rehearse during the 3rd quarter and perform a multitude of shows just prior or after spring break.

BRASS AND WOODWIND TRIOS, QUARTETS, QUINTETS, and CHOIRS Each fall and spring students begin to form small ensembles of their choosing and prepare various musical literature for local community, solo/ensemble festival, and concert performance.

SOLO OPPORTUNITIES (Academy and Non-Academy Students) Students with an exceptional desire and musical skill who wish to take their musical abilities to the next level and showcase their talents have the opportunity to perform in both the Winter and Spring Concerts as well as in state and local solo/small ensemble festivals. Academy students are required to audition for honor groups each year and perform as part of sanctioned solo festivals, but these opportunities are open to any talented and driven musician at FUHS!

GUITAR ENSEMBLE As part of the Guitar Class offered at FUHS, students have the opportunity to perform various solos, duets/trios/quartets, and guitar ensemble literature during the Guitar Showcases in December and May. Small guitar ensembles often perform as part of the Winter and Spring Instrumental and Choral Music Concerts.