Mandatory Marching Band Parent Meeting

*** CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ZOOM RECORDING OF THE MEETING IF YOU WERE UNABLE TO ATTEND *** All files that were shown in the slides can be found in the Marching Band 2020 post ***

The Marching Band and Colorguard Mandatory Parent Meeting is Thursday September 3rd at 7pm. We will have a very short meeting via Zoom to discuss a few points about Marching Band this semester and to answer any questions you as parents may have about our unique season this semester.

We will be discussing Athletic Clearance, the Activity Waiver, after school rehearsals, performance projects, Fair Share Donation, and more. This meeting will very realistically last under 30 minutes, including question and answer time.

This meeting was discussed at Back to School Night, at our first IMBC meeting this week, as well as in class with students for about a week ahead of time. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Log in link as well as Meeting ID and Password were email to all Marching Band students and their families via Aeries communication and directly from Mr. Trimble. Please check to see if you have received it and reach out directly to Mr. Trimble at if you need assistance accessing the meeting.