Percussion Zoom Meeting

This Friday July 24th from 12-2pm!

Percussionists from Marching Band and Percussion Ensemble- let’s get together this Friday to meet our new instructor and begin to play together again. Bring what you can (sticks, mallets, practice pads, etc.) and be prepared to be involved as you can (we want to see your face, hear your voice and interact). Let’s put on a good face to our program for our new staff member!

Here are the meeting details:

Please RSVP on the BAND App here:

Awards Recognitions for 2019-2020 School Year

Thank you to all our parents and students for a great year! The “Banquet” awards video has finally been posted. We hope this will help wrap up a crazy ending to the year. Please watch the video to see who was recognized for their outstanding achievements and dedication to our program.

If you are a graduating senior, we will be getting your awards/certificates/patches/etc. to you as best we can. For all other students who will be back on campus in the Fall (or whenever we actually do get back together) your awards/certificates/etc. will be given to you when Mr. Trimble sees you next! It’s all on campus so don’t be too anxious!